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NSSpain 2021: Remote Edition is an online, continuous 36 hours conference, carefully crafted by the community for the community.

[ Nov 18th & 19th ] 2021

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NSSpain 2021: Remote Edition is an online, 36 hours conference. Yes, you read that right, we'll start on Thursday and finish on Friday, running 36 hours continuously. We did it as a expriment in 2020 and it worked incredibly well, so we are making it again in 2021!

How does it work? There will be three MCs, one in the timezones covering Europe and Africa, another one in the timezones covering Asia and Oceania, and a third one live in North, Central and South Americas! If you’re currently based in a station on Antarctica these MCs should cover your needs too. Take a look at the schedule to get an idea of how we'll make it work.

All the talks will be recorded and will be available for the attendees right after the conference. Our flexible schedule means you can drop in and out whenever you please, so you can fit the event around your schedule.

Sounds like fun? Join us for another event you won't forget! 😊

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[ Speakers ]

Ramón Medrano Llamas
SRE principles for client-side reliability

Ramón Medrano Llamas is a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at Google in Zürich, leading the Identity team, responsible for the authentication and Identity management services at Google. He concentrates on the reliability aspects of new Google products and new features of existing products, ensuring that they meet the high bar of a Google service. Before joining Google in 2013, he worked at CERN developing and designing distributed systems for physics data analysis. He holds a master's degree in computer science and is currently working on a PhD on autonomic system management part time.

An Tran
Atomic development - Speed up development feedback loop with continuous code deployment

An is currently helping to build a digital Bank App at Grab, the biggest super app in South East Asia. He is a big fan of Swift and has been converted into an iOS Developer from Web development career because of it. An loves to share what he learns in his blog AnTran.App and also in the community of Vietnamese Swift developers SwiftVietnam, which he founded in 2020 to support and connect with Swift developers in Vietnam. In his free time, he loves playing with his two toddlers, browsing Twitter and Github to find awesome content from the Swift community, and sometimes rocket and space science books.

Moritz Philip Recke
How to create a media streaming app with SwiftUI and AWS

Moritz Philip Recke is a passionate and empathetic engineer at heart with strong background in product design, business development and project management and keen ability to sense white space. He is a faculty member of the Apple Developer Academy at University of Naples Federico II and facilitates the formative education of students based on the Challenge Based Learning methodology framework. Beyond being a 🧑‍💻Swift Connoisseur at, he is a 📷 Photography Enthusiast and 🍣 Sushi Aficionado.

Alex Curran
Building great real-time apps

Alex is a staff engineer at Freetrade and has been working across Android and iOS since 2009. His interests include mobile architecture and how iOS and Android teams can work together to build fantastic experiences for both users and the developers making them!

Jeroen Leenarts
Micro/feature frameworks. What, why and how?

I am a software developer currently specialized in iOS development. I also create a podcast called "AppForce1" focussed on iOS app developers. I have a long and varied history working on all kinds of technical challenging systems. But since 2012 my main focus have been the iOS and related platforms. I started working as a software developer in 2002.

Adrienne Braganza Tacke
You Can Do it, Put your Backend to it!

Currently a Senior Developer Advocate for MongoDB, Adrienne Tacke is also a Filipina software engineer, keynote speaker, published author of the book Coding for Kids: Python, and a LinkedIn Learning instructor who specializes in Cloud Development courses. Perhaps most important, however, is that she spends way too much money on desserts and ungodly amounts of time playing Age of Empires II.

Gabriel Savit
Not just another DevOps talk

Gabriel is a former iOS engineer who left for the dark side (web!) to build a tool *for *mobile teams. It's called Runway, and it helps mobile teams coordinate and automate their releases. Previously, Gabriel co-created a popular bill splitting app called Tab, and he worked on Rent the Runway's iOS app from green field through unicorn status. He enjoys designing and then building awesome mobile experiences, and he dislikes dealing with build pipelines. Outside of mobile, Gabriel is known to travel to countries people haven't heard of and he spends as much time as possible underwater. He holds three passports and a very expired pilot's license.

Vincent Pradeilles
Looking through the Mirror 🪞

Vincent started working on iOS apps back in 2011. For the last years, he's been working at Worldline, where he contributes to building great apps for major French banks. He loves Swift and enjoys sharing about it on the Internet. Most recently, he started a YouTube channel to share his knowledge of Swift and iOS. He's also the one behind the Twitter account @ios_memes.

Danijela Vrzan
There's no IF or ELSE. It's all about YOU.

Danijela is an iOS Developer Consultant on the Front-End Engineering team at Deloitte Canada. When she’s not working on client projects, she’s writing technical articles for She enjoys building mobile apps, especially considering her decision to switch from Civil Engineering to Programming. It was hard to find her place in this tech jungle, but she fell in love with writing iOS apps and will continue to do so in foreseeable future. Danijela is from Croatia, but currently lives in Toronto, Canada. You can find her hiking or lifting heavy weigths at the gym. When not working out, she’s playing video-games, cooking, and trying to keep up with Swift updates!

Nate Heagy
Mac as the Knife: iOS dev tips from the culinary arts

Nate is a Software Engineer at Twitter. He began programming by creating websites in Perl, and has since contributed to WordPress for iOS, GeekBench, and others—which is to say he’s been writing questionable code for quite a while. His interest in cooking was deepened by the pandemic and now he can’t stop posting photos of his culinary creations to Instagram (previously Twitter Fleets, RIP). Now he’s created a talk that gently combines programming and cooking into a signature spicy and slightly nutty dish.

Yono Mittlefehldt
Computer Vision: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Yono is an indie app developer and co-creator of Gus on the Go. He helps companies build iOS apps and software products, specializing in computer vision and machine learning. He also writes tutorials for His favorite emoticon is ಠ_ಠ

Tomasz Gebarowski
Server Driven UI at scale (@ Allegro)

Team Leader, Senior Software Engineer, bringing server-driven UI to e-commerce world @ Allegro. Previously working on mobile banking, secure messaging and distributed VoIP services. Interested in scaling things and improving the process. Experienced in maintaining large codebases and long-term projects. Privately father of two, home automation lover and LEGO builder.

Jakub Kuzimski
Server Driven UI at scale (@ Allegro)

Team Leader, Senior Software Engineer, scaling mobile development, author, and architect of Server-Driven UI @Allegro. Interested in scaling in large projects. Father of two. Road bike rider.

Mohammad Azam
Getting Started with Async/Await in iOS

Mohammad Azam is a veteran developer who has been professionally writing software for more than a decade. Azam worked as a lead mobile developer for many fortune 500 companies and played an integral role in their success. Azam is also a top Udemy instructor for mobile with more than 40K students. Apart from Udemy, Azam is also a frequent contributor to LinkedIn with top rated courses. At present Azam is a lead instructor at DigitalCrafts, software bootcamp. Azam has trained developers who are now working at companies including Apple, JP Morgan Chase, Exxon etc.

Josh Holtz
Xcode Cloud: What is it? How to use it? Is it for me?

Josh is the lead maintainer of fastlane tools and co-owner of RokkinCat — a software consulting company based in Milwaukee, WI. He started working on fastlane in 2015 and took over as lead maintainer in 2018. He has a passion for building tools that others find helpful. In the past year he’s been more active in the indie developer community starting Indie Dev Monday (a weekly newsletter) and releasing ConnectKit and An Otter RSS.

Ben Scheirman
Modular Project Architecture

Ben is a Senior iOS Engineer at Spin. He also runs NSScreencast, a video tutorial site with more than 500 videos on iOS development. He’s also the author of Combine Swift a premium course for learning the Combine framework. Ben hails from Houston, Texas. When not programming, you can find him playing guitar or making award-winning Texas BBQ.

James Dale
Grasping Reality: Hand Poses with ML and AR

James Dale is an entrepreneur, developer and Co-Founder/CTO of the US-based startup HAGS, an app for Gen-Z backed by Google and BoxGroup. James is the recipient of four Apple WWDC Scholarship awards, and a serial iOS app developer creating apps such as CleanSky and RulAR. He previously worked at Apple in the Machine Learning Platform & Technology team, contributing to the Create ML framework and macOS app. James is driven to create change in the mobile apps and machine learning spaces!

Jayven Nhan
Practical Combine Integrations with UIKit Projects

Jayven Nhan is a software engineer, technical editor, and book author. Outside of coding, he enjoys audiobooks. You can find more of Jayven’s work in the iOS community at: RayWenderlich, AppCoda, and Medium.

Paweł Łopusiński
Obscure Swift

I'm currently working @ Glovo as an iOS Software Engineer. I've been doing iOS stuff for around 8 years and can't get enough of it - there is always something interesting to look into and dive deep into different topics. Recently I've found great interest in exploring SIL, especially for less obvious cases. This is my first time speaking on a conference and I think it will be a great way to start giving back to this awesome community from which I learned so much on my journey ❤️ If I'm not currently coding I'm most likely goofing around with my kids, playing video and board games, or just being a couch potato devouring next TV series from a (too long) list.

Mirellys Arteta Davila
Leveraging Powerful on-device Machine Learning to build intelligent features in your iOS Apps.

Mirellys is Software Development Engineer at Discovery Inc. Currently she is part of the team building the global iOS and tvOS streaming App Discovery Plus. She has been coding over the past 18 years, both academically and professionally and she has gained experience building Apps within the Apple ecosystem while working the past 7 years in small and big companies in Spain, The Netherlands and now in London.

Diego Freniche
What is a Developer Advocate and why you want one in your team

Mobile Developer Advocate at MongoDB for Realm. I love everything that heats silicon. Own too many old computers. Can't focus on a single side project. Want to end my career coding in COBOL.

Bas Thomas Broek
Dancing with Dinosaurs: Objective-C and Swift Interop

Bas is an iOS and macOS developer with a passion for testability, accessibility and user-centric apps. He cares about communication and collaboration.

Belén Molina del Campo
Communication skills: channeling your inner scuba diver

Belén is a Senior iOS Engineer at ustwo Europe, where she has worked on a variety of projects in the healthcare, automotive, and fitness sectors. She loves building products that have meaningful impact on users. She is interested in the intersection between technology and everything else (creativity, society, the environment etc.). She is also extremely passionate about making the tech industry more welcoming and diverse.

Ever Uribe
Modernizing away from technical debt

Ever is the tech lead of iOS for the consumer app at Cornershop by Uber. His career is highlighted by a start in medical apps for therapy, being part of the SpaceX team that sent hundreds of satellites (and a Tesla) into space, working on an autonomous ride-share system powered by Swift, and now helping to build the best on-demand shopping delivery experience in Latin America, the USA, and Canada. He is a strong advocate of Apple’s human interface guidelines, leveraging the latest technologies, and tackling technical debt. Currently living in Chile, in his free time he enjoys the outdoors on long hikes, trying new recipes, pushing for LGBTQ+ awareness in tech, and climate action.

Philippe Casgrain
Creating great PRs

Phil is a Senior Staff Software Developer at Lightspeed Commerce, where he works tirelessly with a diverse group of smart and talented individuals to define and implement the future of hospitality, while helping everyone improve their skills, both technical and social. His favourite saying is that while he’s an okay programmer, him two years ago was a moron and him two years in the future is a genius. When he’s not busy coming up with pithy aphorisms, you can find him doing laps at the pool, biking around on his tadpole trike, getting hit in the face by volley-balls, and exploring the world in his tiny RV.

DJ Mitchell
Express Yourself: Writing Expressive View Model Unit Tests

DJ is a Staff iOS Engineer living in New York and working at Grailed, a peer-to-peer marketplace for clothing. He learned iOS development way back in iOS 5 which means he (thankfully) never had to do manual retain/release. At Grailed he’s helped build the infrastructure that enables the iOS team to iterate quickly and with confidence. An avid learner, he's spent the last few years diving into the worlds of functional programming, DevOps, and product development best-practices. He fills his free time cooking, eating out, making cocktails, listening to techno, and studying chess.

Leo Picado
How to travel to Indiana for $200?

I've worn many hats during my professional life: designer, full-stack developer, teacher. For the last five years: iOS Developer. I've worked in both large and small companies, from designing and building end to end features, to obsessing over the duration of an animation. Born and raised in Costa Rica, I recently moved to Berlin to work for SoundCloud where I build tools that enable our teams to ship faster and more confidently. I enjoy coffee, dad jokes, basketball, punk rock, code reviews (yeah) and have a soft spot for accessibility.

Manuel "StuFF mc" Carrasco Molina
Why every developer should care about the environment

Based in Düren, Germany, near Cologne, Manuel Carrasco Molina, better known as StuFF mc, started programming with his C64 at age 11 in 1987. He entered professional software development in 1997 and has been developing since. He founded the first French podcast about Apple in 2005 and dove into iOS development at the launch of the SDK in 2008, after spending the first half of his developer career in the Microsoft technologies. He ran from 2012 to 2017 which he then handed over to move to further challenges. When he's not developing for the Apple Platforms Stuff is an involved activist and/or local politician (at the city and regional council) in the matters of environment (Hambach & Dannenrod Forest, Ende Gelände, Parents for Future...) and refugees — he spent a few times in east european countries helping his brothers and sisters. In fact, he now thinks of himself way more as a politician than a coder, having not worked 5 days a week as a developer since 2015. Stuff's mother tongue is French, but he also speaks fluently German, English and Spanish, while speaking a bit of Dutch, Arabic and Italian.

Pedro Rojas
Making cleaner and safer asynchronous code with Swift Concurrency

One of the most important features that Swift 5.5 introduced was Concurrency. In this workshop, we will explore how to solve concurrency issues like data races through actors, how to structure our asynchronous code transforming closures into async/await calls, and how building parallel code is now very simple using async let.

[ MCs ]

Daniel Steinberg
Dim Sum Thinking

Daniel is the author of more than a dozen books including the best selling books A Swift Kickstart and Dear Elena. He has written apps for the iPhone and the iPad since the SDKs first appeared and has written programs for the Mac all the way back to System 7. Daniel presents SwiftUI, Functional Programming, and Swift training and consults through his company Dim Sum Thinking. When he's not coding or talking about coding for the Mac, the iPhone, and the iPad he's probably cooking, baking bread, or hanging out with friends.

Berta Devant

Berta is an iOS developer, swift ❤️ and director of Women Who Code Barcelona. She loves learning how things work, using technology to build products 🤖 and good ☕️.

Tim Oliver

Tim's been a fanboy of iOS development since the iPhone 3G and has been doing it professionally since 2013. Originally from Australia, he's currently working as an iOS software engineer at Drivemode in Japan where he's helping to build iOS software that integrates with automotive hardware. Tim loves contributing to open source software and maintains a variety of iOS libraries on his GitHub account, helping to power apps by companies of the likes of Google and Discord. In his free time, he loves playing video games and subjecting hapless souls to his karaoke singing.


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Pre Conf Day
Nov [ Day 17th ]

[ 14:00am UTC ]
Making cleaner and safer asynchronous code with Swift Concurrency

2 hours workshop free for all attendees

[ Pedro Rojas ]

Day 1
Nov [ Day 18th ]

[ 08:30am UTC ]
☀️ Doors Open
[ 09:30am UTC ]
👋 Presentation
[ 10:00am UTC ]
[ 12:00pm UTC ]
[ 01:00pm UTC ]
[ 02:00pm UTC ]
[ 03:00pm UTC ]
You Can Do it, Put your Backend to it!
[ Adrienne Braganza Tacke ]
[ 04:00pm UTC ]
[ 05:00pm UTC ]
[ 06:00pm UTC ]
🍷 1st party: networking with fellow developers
[ 08:00pm UTC ]
[ 09:00pm UTC ]
Server Driven UI at scale (@ Allegro)
[ Tomasz Gebarowski ] [ Jakub Kuzimski ]
[ 10:00pm UTC ]

Day 2
Nov [ Day 19th ]

[ 12:00am UTC ]
[ 02:00am UTC ]
[ 03:00am UTC ]
🍷 2nd party: networking with fellow developers
[ 05:00am UTC ]
[ 07:00am UTC ]
Obscure Swift
[ Paweł Łopusiński ]
[ 10:00am UTC ]
Looking through the Mirror 🪞
[ Vincent Pradeilles ]
[ 11:00am UTC ]
[ 12:00pm UTC ]
🍷 3rd party: networking with fellow developers
[ 02:00pm UTC ]
[ 03:00pm UTC ]
Creating great PRs
[ Philippe Casgrain ]
[ 05:00pm UTC ]
[ 06:00pm UTC ]
Why every developer should care about the environment
[ Manuel @StuFFmc Carrasco Molina ]
[ 07:00pm UTC ]
❤️ Closing party: thank you for being part of this special event

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