Will all the content be in English?

Yes! We are an all-English conference, so all the content will be in English: Talks, Communication, etc

What platform are you using to make the event?

We'll be using Remo.co! Check out their FAQ if you have further questions.

What's the difference between Early Bird and Standard tickets?

Both are the same, both give the same access level, the same goodies, the same conditions, etc. the only difference is on the price. Early Bird tickets are for the first attendees who get a ticket, so they're a little cheaper.

A conference that lasts 36 hours?

Due to the ongoing situation (aka covid19), we don't want to hold an in-person event this year. So we decided to run an online, remote event instead.

If the conference is online, and anyone can join, why should we limit it to a timezone? Wouldn't it be great if everyone could enjoy the conference, independently of being at a sunny beach in Australia, or in a lost cabin of a Swiss forest? Yes, yes it would. Let's make it happen.

Do you have discounts for groups?

We do, if you're a group of 5 or more, drop us a line at [email protected].

Do you have discounts for students?

We always try, if you're a student, drop us a line at [email protected].

Can I get an invoice?

Absolutely. You can get the invoice directly from the Tito platform (where you bought the ticket). Check the email of the ticket, from there you can get directed into getting the invoice and change VAT and other details as needed.

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